Create an Incident Using Slack

To create an incident using Slack, type the following command:

/rootly new Customer database outage

You will be presented with a dialogue to enter additional information about the incident, including a description, severity, environment, and so on. If you don't have all of the information for an incident when you create it, you can always enter it later. No additional information is required to create an incident except a title.

Using Slack to create an incident
Using Slack to create an incident

When finished adding incident details, click the Create button.

In the Slack interface, you will see information similar to the following:

Slack incident channel
Slack incident channel

To mitigate or resolve the incident via Slack, type the following command in the channel specific to that incident:

/rootly mitigate

/rootly resolve

A dialogue will be presented where you can enter an explanation for the resolution, and then click Submit. Note that if you select "Mark incident as Mitigated", you will still need to resolve that incident later via Slack or the web interface.

Resolving an incident using Slack
Resolving an incident using Slack

If you aren't sure what command you need to type in Slack, or to see all available commands, type:

/rootly help

If you want to learn more about managing incidents through either Slack or the Rootly web UI, take a look at our Create an Incident Page for more info.

Updated 15 Nov 2021
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