This documentation page is under construction and is coming soon. However, the Workflows feature is live!


Workflows (formerly known as Genius Workflows) are automated runbooks that can be run automatically or manually based on the conditions of an incident. For example, you can configure Workflows to remind you every 30 min to update the status page or automatically page teams. There is N number of possibilities.

Configuring a Workflow

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System Workflows

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Send Slack Message

Archive Slack Channel

Rename Slack Channel

Automatically rename your incident Slack channel.

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Example - Rename incident Slack channel the same as Jira ticket slug/number:

incident-{{incident.created_at | date: "%Y%m%d"}} - {{incident.jira_issue_url | split: "/" | last}}

Get pulses

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Get GitHub commits

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Snapshot Datadog graphs

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