Importing Teams

You have the option to import teams from third-party integrations such as PagerDuty and Opsgenie.

If you've already configured these integrations, then you can save time and import your teams right away.

If not, we'd suggest going to the integrations page (linked above) for that service and configure it prior to continuing.

To import a team for a previously configured integration, do the following:

Navigate back to the team dashboard if you're not already there. Then locate the Import from Opsgenie or Import from PagerDuty buttons and click the desired service from which you want to import your teams.

Import teams from third-party service
Import teams from third-party service

You will see an interstitial listing the teams that are available to import via the integration. Select the teams you'd like to import, then click Import Teams.

Import third-party teams
Import third-party teams

The teams you've chosen to import will be reflected in the teams dashboard.

Updated 15 Nov 2021
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