To continue, you will first need to integrate with Linear if you haven't already: Linear


By integrating with Linear you will be able to do the following Workflow tasks:

  1. Create a Linear issue when a new incident is created
  2. Update a Linear issue to Done when an incident is resolved
  3. Create a Linear sub-issue when an action item is created in Rootly

Create Linear Issue

How to create a Linear issue every time a new incident on Rootly is created. After you create a new Workflow, select the following Create a Linear Issue task on the right and click Add.

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Fill in the following fields

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  • Name - Create a Linear Issue
  • Team - Select your corresponding team in Linear you'd like this issue created for
  • State - Select from Linear states
  • Title - Name of the Linear issue, using {{ incident.title }} will default to the title of the incident
  • Description - By default your description will be a summary of the incident {{ incident.summary }}
  • Priority - The priority of your Linear issue, select from:
    • Auto - This will automatically convert your incident severity to a corresponding Linear severity

Once completed, click Update Workflow.

Update a Linear Issue

You will need to create a separate and new Workflow specifically for Updating Linear Issues and cannot use the same Create Linear one previously created.

How to update a Linear Issue to a specific state. The following will show how to automatically update your already created Linear issue to Done when your incident is marked as Resolved in Rootly.

Updated 01 Jun 2022
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