Scheduling a Maintenance via Slack

Once you've configured the integration, creating an incident is as simple as typing the following command in the Slack user interface:

/rootly maintenance

You will be presented with a dialog to enter additional information about the maintenance, including a description, severity, environment, and so on. If you don't have all of the information for an incident when you create it, you can always enter it later. No additional information is required to create an maintenance except when its scheduled for amd when its scheduled until.

Schedule Maintenance Dialog
Schedule Maintenance Dialog

Upon successful creation a dialog will prompt with a link to your newly scheduled maintenance. As of now maintenances can only be managed in the Rootly web experience.

Successfuly scheduled notification
Successfuly scheduled notification

Clicking the View in Rootly button will take you to the maintenance page. From there you can manage and edit your newly scheduled maintenance.

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Updated 12 Jul 2022
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