Google Meet


Google Meet Integration allows you to:

  • Create or join a Google Meet meeting associated to an incident.
  • Get Google Meet link into your Slack notification.


You can setup this integration as a logged in admin user in the integrations page:

Document image

We recommend you integrating with a service account to make sure the integration doesn't break if a user leaves your company.

Google Meet is creating through Google Calendar API ( Yes this is surprising ) so you will have to check the tho other checkboxes like shown below to make sure this integration works.

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Oauth Permissions

Google Docs integration needs the following Oauth scopes:

Join a meeting

Create or join a Google Meet meeting is now just one click away !

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If you need help or more information about this integration, please contact support@rootly.com or use the lower right chat widget to get connected with an engineer.

Updated 21 Apr 2022
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