Service Now


ServiceNow Integration allows you to:

  • Creating an incident in Rootly will create an incident in ServiceNow if you choose to.
  • Changing incident title, description, status in Rootly will update the incident in ServiceNow.


You can setup this integration as a logged in admin user in the integrations page:

Document image


First login to your service now instance and let's create an OAuth application:

1. Click on System OAuth > Application Registry as shown below:

Document image

2. Click on New as shown below:

Document image

3. Click on Create an OAuth API endpoint for external clients as shown below:

Document image

4. Fill out and as shown below:

Name: Rootly

Redirect Url:

Document image

5. Copy your instance url and client Id and client secret generated:

Document image

You are all set !


You can uninstall this integration in the integrations panel by clicking Configure > Delete


If you need help or more information about this integration, please contact or use the lower right chat widget to get connected with an engineer.